We add value to your business

BlueBlazer is specialized in creating added value for your business by providing you with a digital head start.

A BlueBlazer is a flaming cocktail first described in 1862, creating a blazing stream of liquid fire. Today we offer you the digital solution with the same result. The secret is in the mix!

How we do it?

Every cocktail has a great RECIPE®. Our concept that ensures success in the development of your new application.
What is our RECIPE® ?


What are the needed ingredients? Every need or request must be thoroughly examined, this is the foundation of a successful project. In this phase we cover all the angles of must-haves and nice-to-haves to get the most out of your new investment.


Make the shopping list! After the examination, a clear view of the desired result is key. That is why we make sure everyone is in tune with what is expected, by charting all aspects of your project.


Mixing the drink. This is where the magic happens and our technical experts get going. They are the strong backbone in the creation process and use state-of-the-art techniques to build future proof digital solutions.


A chef must taste. Before we deliver, we need to know if our product lives up to your and our high standards. Every application will be thoroughly tested by our experienced team and reviewed together with you to make sure all t’s are crossed.


A finishing touch. After testing and reviewing with you, the application will be perfected and optimized to deliver a user-friendly and watertight result.


Time to serve! Every new application needs a good start. Whether it’s your people that need to work with the new features or you need to bring the application to the public, you can count on our advice and guidance.

Get mixing with us

Do you need some ideas, or would you like a taste? Discover the possibilities with an expert or schedule a sparring session with a strategist.

We are happy to help you get a refined idea of what would really help you in your business or create a clear action plan to turn your ideas into a successful project.

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What we deliver

Do you need an online platform, a web application or other custom-developed software?

The development of a new service, platform or product, is a highly specialized skill which requires a thorough knowledge of the available technologies. A well-trained and multidisciplinary team is key to deliver real usable results.

Web apps

If you like to build an application that is accessible across all user devices, a web application is the way to go. Web-based applications give a great ability to integrate with other systems and are low maintenance.

Mobile apps

The more people interact with your business, the greater value you deliver them. What better way to increase interaction than being present on the device in your customers pocket? A mobile app can be fully customized to your brand and focuses on what’s important. 

Web store

Are you ready to open a new web store? Get your products or services to your customers without making them leave their home or office. An online store is much cheaper than a physical store, while being easier to set up.

Security applications

Employees are not always aware of the risk they run with your device or their own. Cybersecurity should be an asset without restrictions or loss of comfort. Secure your system with our solutions.

Security audit

Cyber incidents are happening all over the world on a daily basis. Cybercrime is big business and therefore growing in popularity. Securing your data is more important than ever, but how secure is your system?

Custom development

Not found what you are looking for? Using our strong foundation as a versatile and experienced software team, we are able to see beyond the traditional applications. Talk to us about your idea, and we will shake things up.