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At BlueBlazer we believe a large part of the business challenges today can be addressed with digital solutions. A digital or technological transition in your organization needs to create real added value delivering clear results, depending on the issues you see to resolve.

Our RECIPE® ensures we can focus on enhancing your business, which parts to improve and what solutions fit the equation.

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Different specialists

No bartender knows all drinks and finishing touches. That is why we believe in multidisciplinary teams where creative specialists with their own skills work together on innovative solutions.


Do you have a clear view of your dream? Or do you need extra help to get started? Our experience and knowledge might just be the nudge you need. Some of our ingredients are:

Artificial intelligence

Not yet very well-known to the public and people might think AI is only for big high-tech internationals. BlueBlazer can create added value to your business by automating processes and analyzing data by using artificial intelligence. Tailor made applications with AI can give usable answers to various challenges.


Do you need a secure and reliable way to record your data? An application using Blockchain technology might be the answer to share valuable data in a tamperproof way.

IoT and Industry 4.0

Get your devices connected and let them deliver you the information you need to ensure you are on top of your business. Implementing Internet of Things unlocks enormous potential and will reveal new opportunities for more efficiency while lowering costs.

Our tech

Which solution fits you best?

For every issue there might be more than one possible solution. Your taste and your organizations’ size matter, as well as your competition, your strategy, your target group and so many more.
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The digital (r)evolution keeps accelerating at a tremendous pace. New technologies are being developed and integrated and it’s our job to keep up to offer solutions based on cutting edge innovations. We collected some interesting tips and tricks for when it comes to tailor made applications.


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Scalability restrictions

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Future proof innovations

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Existing technology support

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Complexities in Systems Integration

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