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We love innovation

28/12/2020|Categories: Organization|

Everyone working at BlueBlazer can dedicate 2 hours per week to training or innovation projects. This way we can try out new technologies, develop new POCs or learn new methodologies. With this rule, we want to ensure our team stays ...

Once upon a dream…

18/12/2020|Categories: Inspirational|

It’s that time of year again! This time, the holidays come in a very special year when people needed to adapt very abruptly to a new situation. We were all confronted with forced isolation, closed stores, working from home, and ...

The Flutter jokes

15/12/2020|Categories: Entertaining|

We love mobile development, one of the reasons is the Flutter framework. This framework in the Dart programming language can be used to develop mobile applications for both iPhone and Android. These applications are compiled and run as fully native ...

5 advantages of tailor made software

03/12/2020|Categories: Advice|

Often organizations find it hard to choose between ready-made or custom-developed software. In our experience, these are the top 5 reasons why people decided to go for tailor made solutions Efficiency Custom software helps to increase productivity by making the ...

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